In this lab, you will generate a point cloud and an orthophoto from photos captured during one of my UAV flights last November. You will use the LiDAR toolset in Global Mapper to generate a bare ground “terrain” model and a “surface” model (includes trees, stumps, buildings, etc). ——————————————————————————— Create […]

FANR5640/7640: Lab 8 – Global Mapper Pixels to Points

‘Are you getting the accuracy you expect with Pix4Dmapper?’ 1 1, last accessed 2/27/2018. Project Summary: Original flight with a Phantom 4 Pro with 95% frontlap and 90% endlap and a 2.9cm ground sampling distance (GSD).  The GSD is the distance between two consecutive pixel centers measured on the ground.  For […]

FANR5640/7640: Lecture 12 – Project Planning

      METARs: Routine Surface Observations RP101 3.1 METAR Cheat Sheet  METAR issued every 55 minutes CB = cumulonimbus = thunder showers Ceiling is the lowest broken or overcast layer (few and scattered is not considered when determining the ceiling) cloud heights are reported in hundreds of feet above ground […]

FANR5640/7640: – METARs

Download Lab Data 1 Download Lab Data 2   The data you are looking at are from a flight on December 14, 2016 in south Georgia.  ‘P4_SouthGA_14Dec16_ORTHO02.img’ is the Agisoft 3-band, 0.02 meter resplution, natural-color orthophoto output.  ‘P4_SouthGA,14Dec16_DEM08’ is the Agisoft 0.08 meter resolution terrain model generated from the same […]

FANR5640/7640: Lab 4 – Intro to ArcGIS Image Classification