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FANR 3800 – Week 1

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FANR3800 – Fall 2022 ESRI Lesson Plan –

NOTE: The weekly ESRI.COM/TRAINING modules provide information relevant to the topics we review during lecture and hands-on practice using ArcPro to address the topics we talk about in class.  It is my expectation that you complete these each week.

Your tasks for this week are to:

  1. Verify that you can log into your ESRI account, then download and install ArcPro on your personal laptop/desktop.
  • Instructions are ( HERE ).
  1. Activate your ESRI.COM/TRAINING account Activate ESRI.COM/Training Account[a]

Your lab exercise for this first week is to work through the two ESRI Training modules listed below.  I ask you to take screenshots (see information below) to document that you complete them.  They are part of your Week 2 lab grade, so upload the screenshots to the Week 2 lab dropbox folder on eLC.  

ESRI.COM/TRAINING modules  (ESRI.COM/TRAINING Lesson Plan: ESRI Lesson Plan)

  • GIS Basics – work through the module.  When you finish the “Use ArcGIS to solve business needs” exercise and before you close the project,
  • Make the Roads layer visible
  • Make all other layers not-visible
  • Take a screenshot of your ArcPro screen and upload to the Week 2 Lab dropbox.
  • See this link ( YouTube video ) if you do not know how to take a screenshot in Windows 10
  • This will be 10% of your Week 2 lab grade.
  • Creating a Map Layout – work through the module.  Take a screenshot of the map you create in the Design a map layout exercise and upload it to the Week 2 Lab dropbox.
  • This will be 10% of your Week 2 lab grade.

[a]Must verify this with Geoff