In this lab, you will generate a point cloud and an orthophoto from photos captured during one of my UAV flights last November. You will use the LiDAR toolset in Global Mapper to generate a bare ground “terrain” model and a “surface” model (includes trees, stumps, buildings, etc). ——————————————————————————— Create […]

FANR5640/7640: Lab 5 – Global Mapper Pixels to Points

    The Basic Physics of Drones   Now, the effects of loading and weight on aircraft (sUAS) performance Flying an aircraft overweight is detrimental to its performance It is critical to adhere to the weight and balance limits specified by the manufacturer of your aircraft  (you will see this document […]

sUAS Loading & Performance

  Weather Info, See: FAA Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide (Chapter 3a & 3b) Drone U Part 107 Drone Certificate Study Guide (Section III, p83…) FAA UAS Test Study Guide by Kelsey Mason (see Weather Theory Stuff section) Weather notes…  These are topics that will appear […]

Study Guide Notes

Lab 01 follow-up… I’ve stored my Lab 01 document HERE. Those of you with your laptop and ArcGIS installed, download the file then double-click to open my ArcMap project. For your reference, an ArcGIS map package (MPK) is essentially a complete GIS project – it is an ArcMap-readable compressed file […]

Lab01 Review… Object-Based Image Classification (OBIA)

Unmanned Aerial Systems in Natural Resource Management Syllabus Know Before You Fly Software: 7Zip (Installer Download Site) ArcGIS Desktop (send me an email request for 1-year student license) RQGIS (R Package Page) (Install Instructions – use advanced installation) Grab the latest QGIS 2x version, Python 2.7x, gdal, Orfeo Toolbox, SAGA […]

Drones Lecture 01: Course Overview & Setup

Spatial Analyst Toolset Must load the Spatial Analyst extension to use these tools – Customize >> Extensions >> … ESRI Spatial Analyst Toolset Listing You’ve used the following tools in lab: Conditional – Raster If/Then operations Distance – When paired with a reclassification, this is how we buffer using the raster data type Extraction (specifically […]

Raster Ecological Geofence…

Census’ Batch Geocoder: Census’ Batch Geocoder documentation: Association of Consulting Foresters member list: Reformat the address information to conform to the Census Batch Geocoder’s requirements. Ensure you maintain a valid Unique ID field

Batch Geocode ACF List

  Sumter County Cruise Data Georgia GIS Clearinghouse Historical Imagery State: Regional: County: Add a WMTS service to your ArcMap project: Open the Catalog window Scroll down and expand the GIS SERVERS selection Double-click ADD WMTS SERVER Paste the WMTS path into URL and hit GET LAYERS Expand the […]

Cruise Grids

Georeferencing practice (Oconee Forest Park) OCFP SAMPLE DATA Set up your ArcMap project Load your georeferenced source image (NAIP2015_Source.jpg) Ensure your data frame coordinate system matches the NAIP (UTM17/NAD83/Zone17N…) Load your ungeoreferenced target image this layer is not georeferenced, you will not see it when it loads Save the project to your workspace Locate possible ground […]

Week 6 Lab: Rubber sheeting w/ the georeferencing toolbar

    Data  Download the lab 5 data HERE. Copy the zipped file over to your E:\ drive and unzip it. The attribute table of the CoverType shapefile contains information about the forest vegetation and management history within each stand. This layer uses the projected coordinate system UTM/NAD83/Zone17N. We will […]

Lab 5. RCW Site Assessment