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Kinematic Analysis of a Rock Slope at Strecno Castle (Slovakia) Based on the Processing of the Point Cloud Generated by UAV Photogrammetry



An investigation of image processing techniques for substrate classification based on dominant grain size using RGB images from UAV


SPECIAL ISSUE: Imaging and
Remote Sensing in Rock Mechanics

The use of an unmanned aerial vehicle for fracture mapping within a marble quarry (Carrara, Italy): photogrammetry and discrete fracture network modelling

3D point cloud analysis for surface roughness measurement: Application of UAV photogrammetry

Determining tree height and crown diameter from high-resolution UAV imagery


Forestry applications of UAVs in Europe: a review

Remote Sensing Technologies for Enhancing Forest Inventories: A Review

UAS, sensors, and data processing in agroforestry: a review towards practical applications


Using UAV photogrammetry to document rock outcrops