Solo Forest GPS

How-To Collect Data with SoloForest and the Flint GPS Units

Information in this document is modified from pdf documents put together by Johnny Thompson, LandMark Systems

Flint Basics

This unit uses a windows operating system and a stylus to navigate

Turn the unit on with the on/off button

Refresh (turn the screen back on) with the center button

The Windows button will take you to the home screen (desktop)

To get started, make sure Solo Forest is NOT already running:

  1. Click on the Windows button
  2. Click on Task Manager
  3. End task on Solo Forest if running

Static Data vs. Dynamic Data

Before you collect data, ask yourself if this vertex is STATIC or DYNAMIC?

Static = stationary, tasked to gather data

Static data is where you record multiple readings from the satellites and average them together into one well-defined vertex. Static data can be stored in a point feature, line feature, or polygon feature.

Dynamic = in motion, continuously gathered

Dynamic data should only be stored in line or polygon features.


  • Start SoloForest

  • Create New Project — Name it something that you will recognize later
  • Hit OK —┬áThe Solo Forest Settings window will then appear


Step 2, select Generic Point or any other Point feature type