QPublic to ArcMap




QPublic parcel to ArcMap…

  1. Find parcel on QPublic site
    • Search by Owner Name, parcel number, or road name
    • After a successful parcel query, click the Map link at the top of the page to show QPublic’s map view.
  2. Download the parcel in KML format
    • Hit the blue marble icon to initiate your KML download
    • Make sure you copy your downloaded file from the Downloads folder to your project folder on the E:\ drive
  3. Start blank ArcMap instance
    • Set Data Frame Coordinate System (UTM/NAD83/Zone16N for western GA, UTM/NAD83/Zone17N for western GA)
    • Import KML to ArcMap with the KML TO LAYER tool
      • KMLs import as a feature class in a file geodatabase
      • FYI:  After import, look at your project folder in File Explorer.  You will see a file geodatabase that was created through this process (the folder with a .gdb extension)
        • In the example above, my project folder is ./FORS7690/Fall2018/FORS7690/labs/QPublic/, and my file geodatabase is called ‘DallyvilleLLC’

Save parcel feature class out as a shapefile

  1. Still in ArcMap.  Find the layer you just created using the KML TO LAYER tool. My TOC looks like this . My layer, it is a feature class, is called ‘Polygons’ and it is stored in the file geodatabase named ‘DallyvilleLLC’.
  2. Right-click on your parcel layer feature class (probably named ‘Polygons’ in the TOCl) > Data > Export Data
    • Since you explicitly set the data frame coordinate system, tick ‘the data frame’
    • Use the file/open dialog to drill down to your project folder, set the file type to ‘shapefile’, name your file and append a ‘.shp’ extension

To review, you just:

  1. downloaded your QPublic parcel
  2. imported it into ArcMap as a FGDB
  3. saved the FGDB feature class as a shapefile

Follow those steps any time you want to import a KML into ArcMap.  Easy enough, huh?