Attribute & Spatial Queries



Attribute Query

  • How many acres of evergreen forest do we have: (query evergreen forest, summarize acre field)
  • How many acres do we have that are older than 25? (query stands older than 25, summarize)
  • How many acres of evergreen do we have that are older than 35? (query evergreen and age > 35, summarize)
  • Where are the NON-forested sites? (query NOT forested sites, either create a selection layer or save selection out as a new layer)
  • How many acres of each type do we have next to an open/water site? (…)

Summary Statistics w/ Case

  • If you have selected records, then only those selected records will be summarized!!!

Select By Location

A screenshot of a cell phone Description generated with very high confidence

  • Select all stands adjacent to evergreen forest > 50 acres (3 steps)
    • Select evergreen forest > 50 acres
      • 1517 selected evergreen stands > 50 acres
    • Create layer from selected features
      • Do NOT change the symbology
    • Select by Location
      • Selection Method: select features from
      • Target Layer: original cover type layer
      • Source Layer: <your selection layer>
      • Selection Method: Are within a distance of the source layer feature
      • Search distance: 10 meters
    • 8744 polygons selected, BUT notice that your original ‘evergreen forest > 50 acres’ polygons are still selected. You need to unselect these
      • Perform an attribute query where:
        • Selection Method: Remove from current selection
        • Use the dialog to form your query
        • New selection contains 7227 selected records.