Spatial Data Modeling II



From Monday’s class

we’ve determined 1) WHY we would want to manage for our specie of interest, 2) WHAT features on the landscape are important, and 3) HOW these features are defined.

Wild Turkey: 

  • WHY: hunting revenue
  • WHAT: riparian zones & oak trees (mast producers)
  • HOW: within 50m of a stream & forested areas older than 20 years

Timber Rattlesnake:

  • WHY: rodent population control
  • WHAT: places to burrow & places to bask
  • HOW: immature forests, grassland & open land

Striped Skunk:

  • WHY: alternative agriculture pest control
  • WHAT: near a water source & near a wooded area
  • HOW: within 2 miles of a water source & within 1 mile of a field larger than 5 acres

Black Bear:

  • WHY: a top consumer (population control)
  • WHAT: cavities & open areas
  • HOW: within 10 miles of rock outcrops & within 10 miles of an open area

What GIS layers do we need to address these management needs?  Approach this step with your data NEEDS in mind.  Don’t limit yourself to the data layers you have on-hand.