Can you do this???



Course Lab Topics:

  • Lab 1: OBIA – use a segmentation approach to classify an image in ArcGIS
  • Lab 3: Vegetation indices – compute VIs in ArcGIS
  • Lab 5: GlobalMapper – generate DSM & DTM
  • Lab 6: GlobalMapper – create 3D profile
  • Lab 8: Calculate volume based on the DSM & DTM
  • R labs:(Labs7,9,& TLS labs)
    • read/write LAS
    • plot & summarize LAS
    • generate DSM & DTM
    • normalize point cloud
    • filter point cloud
    • create canopy height model
    • segment point cloud
    • model tree apex
    • export raster layer (DSM & DTM)
    • export vector layer
    • slice a terrestrial laser scan (TLS) into pieces and analyze

Can you…

  • use ArcGIS’ segmentation functionality to perform an object-based image analysis (OBIA)
  • improve your OBIA by using vegetation indices
  • use a LAS or LAS-derived data to
    • describe the topographic landscape with respect to minimum and maximum elevations
    • describe the landscape with respect to object heights
    • produce a count of ‘things’ on the landscape
    • determine the volume of a solid object
    • produce a point(s) to represent a tree apex or tree apexes on the landscape
  • conceptualize an application of drones/drone data for
    • wildlife purposes
    • forestry purposes
    • environmental monitoring
    • fisheries management
  • use drone data or products derived from a drone mission to… (do anything we did on Monday during lab or Wednesday during the lab follow-up lectures )…


The final and lab final will consist of two, probably multi-part, questions.  One will be pulled from topics presented during our Monday lab period and one from the Wednesday lab follow-up lectures.  You will/should be able to complete the tasks in a two-hour session.  You are allowed to use any resource (other than a fellow student) during the exam.