How-To: Garmin GPSMAP 64


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Garmin GPSMAP 64 GPS:

Receiver Setup:

  1. Turn the receiver on. Press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds. The On/Off button is located on the upper right-hand side of the receiver.

Buttons of importance today:
ENTER – To select an option from a menu or a set of buttons.
QUIT – To go back one level – or to escape.
MARK – To save a position.
MENU – To view the main menu system.
Up and Down Arrows in the large button at the bottom of the device – To move around a menu or list of items to potentially select.

Special note: You can press Quit several times to scroll around some of the more common views, like the main menu, the compass, and the map.

2. Press the Menu button. Select “restore defaults” and Press Enter. This re-sets the device to use what the manufacturer suggests, just in case someone has changed the parameters.
3. Press the Menu button twice.
4. Navigate to the “Setup” button and Press Enter.
5. Navigate to the “System” button and Press Enter.

a) Navigate to the Satellite System and Press Enter.
Select GPS+GLONASS, and Press Enter.
b) Navigate to WAAS/EGNOS and Press Enter.
Select ON, and Press Enter.
c) Press the Quit button to escape.

6) Navigate to the “Units” button and Press Enter.

a) Make sure that the Distance and Speed is “statute.” These are English units. If you want metric units, change it here.
b) Press the Quit button to escape.

7. Navigate to the “Units” button and Press Enter.

a) Navigate to the Position Format and Press Enter.
b) Select UTM UPS, and Press Enter. (Universal Transverse Mercator / Universal Polar Stereographic – a Northing / Easting grid system)
c) Make sure that the Map Datum is “WGS 84.” (World Geodetic System 1984 – a description of the shape of the Earth)
d) Press the Quit button to escape.

8. Return to the Main Menu.
9) Navigate to the Satellite button and Press Enter.

a) These graphs show information about the GPS satellites

Collect GPS Point:

1. In order to collect point data, you will use the Mark button. For each of the points marked in the area of today’s lab, walk over to them, hold the receiver near the marked point, and ……

a) Press the Mark button.
b) Then Press the Done button – Do this at each point you want to mark.
2) Return to the Main Menu.

3. Navigate to the Waypoint Manager button and Press Enter.

a) Scroll to one of your waypoints, and Press Enter.
b) This is one way to find the coordinates of a point you mark.

Example: 0284523 and 3752695.
The easting value, 284,523 m, means you are on the western edge of this UTM zone, and the northing value 3,752,695 m, tells you the number of meters north of the equator.

Calculate Area:

1) Return to the Main Menu.
2) In order to determine an area, you will use the Area Calculation button. Walk over to the start of the feature boundary…..

a) Press the Area Calculation button.
b) Press the Start button.
c) Walk around the area.  When you have completely walked around the area, Press the Calculate button.
3) Return to the Main Menu.

When you are finished collecting data, Press and hold the On/Off button for 2 beeps to turn the receiver off.  Follow these instructions to transfer the data from the GPS receiver to the computer using the DNRGPS Application.