Week 16: Assessment of timber harvest(s) in Stewart County GA

Assessment of timber harvests in Stewart County, GA

Not many written instructions today.  I plan to step you through a Landsat-based assessment of timber harvests in Stewart county, Georgia.

Today, you will:

  1. Download multiple years of Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 satellite imagery
  2. Generate NDVI layers for each
  3. Perform an automatic classification of these NDVI layers
  4. Assess forest age for this area

Tools & Info:

Data Source: USGS EarthExplorer

ArcGIS Methods:

  • NDVI = Float(<band 4 – band 3>) / Float(<band 4 + band 3>)
  • Extract By Mask (clip the images to the Stewart county boundary)
  • Composite Bands
  • Unsupervised classification: Iso Cluster
  • Reclassfiy (or Raster Calculator)