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Data are the facts or details from which information is derived Throughout this course, know that we are combining data on the basis of location and individual attributes to form actionable information… Anatomy of a mapping project You receive a request from a client who is planning for upcoming harvests.  They need the following: Total […]

Anatomy of a property mapping project

  Sumter County Cruise Data Georgia GIS Clearinghouse Historical Imagery State: Regional: County: Add a WMTS service to your ArcMap project: Open the Catalog window Scroll down and expand the GIS SERVERS selection Double-click ADD WMTS SERVER Paste the WMTS path into URL and hit GET LAYERS Expand the […]

Cruise Grids

Georeferencing practice (Oconee Forest Park) OCFP SAMPLE DATA Set up your ArcMap project Load your georeferenced source image (NAIP2015_Source.jpg) Ensure your data frame coordinate system matches the NAIP (UTM17/NAD83/Zone17N…) Load your ungeoreferenced target image this layer is not georeferenced, you will not see it when it loads Save the project to your workspace Locate possible ground […]

Week 6 Lab: Rubber sheeting w/ the georeferencing toolbar

Georgia Conservation Tax Credit Program (GA DNR) Georgia Land Conservation Program ( Conservation Easements ( Georgia Conservation Tax Credit ( Conservation Easements A conservation easement, a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and an easement holder, allows the landowner to impose permanent restrictions on the way the property is used. […]

14. GIS For Conservation Easement Documentation

    Sample Data Here Overlay Analysis We have already reviewed one overlay (selection) analysis tool – Select By Location.  Recall, with this method, you select whole records in one layer that are spatially related in some manner (intersects, within a distance…, center is within…, etc) to another layer (Select By Location).  This […]

14. Overlay Analysis Tools

In today’s demonstration, I will walk you through the process of joining an Evalidator query result to a data layer in ArcMap. We will use the Evalidator reports and the 2015 Census county boundaries zip file (here).  Copy the file to your E:\ drive and uncompress it.  You’ll find the county […]