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  Sumter County Cruise Data Georgia GIS Clearinghouse Historical Imagery State: Regional: County: Add a WMTS service to your ArcMap project: Open the Catalog window Scroll down and expand the GIS SERVERS selection Double-click ADD WMTS SERVER Paste the WMTS path into URL and hit GET LAYERS Expand the […]

Cruise Grids

Georeferencing practice (Oconee Forest Park) OCFP SAMPLE DATA Set up your ArcMap project Load your georeferenced source image (NAIP2015_Source.jpg) Ensure your data frame coordinate system matches the NAIP (UTM17/NAD83/Zone17N…) Load your ungeoreferenced target image this layer is not georeferenced, you will not see it when it loads Save the project to your workspace Locate possible ground […]

Week 6 Lab: Rubber sheeting w/ the georeferencing toolbar

Georgia Conservation Tax Credit Program (GA DNR) Georgia Land Conservation Program ( Conservation Easements ( Georgia Conservation Tax Credit ( Conservation Easements A conservation easement, a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and an easement holder, allows the landowner to impose permanent restrictions on the way the property is used. […]

14. GIS For Conservation Easement Documentation

    Sample Data Here Overlay Analysis We have already reviewed one overlay (selection) analysis tool – Select By Location.  Recall, with this method, you select whole records in one layer that are spatially related in some manner (intersects, within a distance…, center is within…, etc) to another layer (Select By Location).  This […]

14. Overlay Analysis Tools

In today’s demonstration, I will walk you through the process of joining an Evalidator query result to a data layer in ArcMap. We will use the Evalidator reports and the 2015 Census county boundaries zip file (here).  Copy the file to your E:\ drive and uncompress it.  You’ll find the county […]


Useful EXCEL VBA Commands: Most of these commands work in EXCEL and ArcGIS Field Calculator.  ESRI support has a nice description of these commands in the context of the Field Calculator here and some examples here. left: The Microsoft Excel LEFT function allows you to extract a substring from a string, […]

VBA Magic