ArcGIS Online Analysis (and Enrichment) of Our 2012 Ag Census Data – Review

Review of Friday’s ArcGIS Online lab..

The tasks for Friday’s AGOL lab were to:

  • generate new layers to represent the state boundaries, and the FIA region boundaries
  • ‘enrich’ our existing data with US Census data
  • generate summaries of the Ag and US census
  • export table for graph generation

I am showing my results in an AGOL Web App (Content > click map > Create Web App > Using a template > Build a Story Map > Story Map Series)

If this doesn’t work, I have shared my “FORS7690_Lab1_MapMaster” (which should be searchable in AGOL) out to everyone. ¬†From the Content page and the My Organization tab, look for “FORS7690_Lab 1_MapMaster”.


If you are interested, there are numerous tutorials on how to develop an AGOL Story Map (Google It).