Fall 2017

Spatial Analyst Toolset Must load the Spatial Analyst extension to use these tools – Customize >> Extensions >> … ESRI Spatial Analyst Toolset Listing You’ve used the following tools in lab: Conditional – Raster If/Then operations Distance – When paired with a reclassification, this is how we buffer using the raster data type Extraction (specifically […]

Raster Ecological Geofence…

    3.  (40 points) A week later, you get an email detailing yet another change. He wants to convert the southern corner to longleaf pine, the northwestern corner to slash, retain three irrigated crop fields, and put the remaining non-hardwood into loblolly. For this scenario, he needs to know […]

FORS 7690 Lab Exam – Question 3

      1. (16 points) Your client is interested in the Battle Creek package listed here and needs more information about the property before purchase. Specifically, how many acres have been previously clearcut and how many acres are in hardwood (anything other than clearcut)? The property boundary GPS coordinates […]

FORS 7690 Lab Exam – Question 1

    Your FORS 7690 lab exam consists of 5 questions… Record your answers in a WORD document and, upon completion, upload it and any other information I request to the ELC Lab Exam assignment dropbox. I recommend you save your project often. Your answers to the ‘How many acres…’ […]

FORS 7690 Lab Exam – Instructions

UAV-based Seedling Survival Count Measuring Survival and Planting Quality in New Pine Plantations(Andrew J. and Stephen G. 2006) BFGrant Demo Data (300MB) – download, copy the file to your C:\ workspace, right-click on the MXD > 7Zip > Extract Here, open the ../v105/Untitled.mxd ArcGIS project. figure out where the image is […]

Seedling Survival Count from UAV – Demo