14. Overlay Analysis – Acadian Woodlot


This lab is pulled from the ESRI 2003 Spatial Labs material.  Mr. Glen Jordan is the creator of this exercise.


Download this lab’s data here.  Set up your lab workspace, extract and load all the layers to a new instance of ArcMap.  This site is located in the Acadian-New England forest region of North America.

Download this lab’s Watershed Delineation Toolset.  Copy over to your workspace and unzip.  This is an ArcMap Toolbox that contains a model to help you delineate a watershed.

  • CoverType_Dissolve: covertype layer containing type, crown closure, material size, mean age, mean total volume (MEAN_TV), and mean harvestable volume (MEAN_VH)
  • DEM_IDW: is a raster layer where each cell contains an elevation measurement for that cell’s location

Download this lab’s instruction document.  Copy it over to your workspace and unzip.  This lab is from the ESRI 2013 Spatial Labs training material and was created by Mr. Glen Jordan.

NOTICE:  You will use ArcScene in this lab to view layers in 3D.  Access ArcScene through the Start menu…

NOTICE:  Anywhere you see ‘DEM_Woodlot’, substitute ‘DEM_IDW’

NOTICE:  There is nothing to turn in next Thursday for this lab.  You will, however, have an in-class-exercise Monday to see if you at least read the lab and one Wednesday that will be specific  to a layer you create while working through this lab.  So, when you are finished working on this lab, zip your working directory and copy it up to your network workspace.