11b. Mixed Data Type Analysis



(Use UTM Zone 17N for all work)

For the site you select, they would like a 50-mile radius report detailing the:

  • acres of evergreen, deciduous, mixed, wetlands (woody and herbaceous), and urban landcover
  • acres of forested land within a ½ mile of a primary or secondary road
  • percentage of forested (evergreen/deciduous/mixed) landcover types within the HUC-12 watersheds
  • the number of NHD stream and primary/secondary road crossings within the 50-mile radius


What data layers will you need to perform this analysis?

  • Polygon representing the 50 mile radius
  • Primary/secondary roads layer
  • Landcover data layer with classes of evergreen, deciduous, mixed, wetlands, etc


How would you approach this analysis?

Do you see any keywords that might suggest a GIS method?