FORS 7690 Lab Exam – Instructions



Your FORS 7690 lab exam consists of 5 questions… Record your answers in a WORD document and, upon completion, upload it and any other information I request to the ELC Lab Exam assignment dropbox. I recommend you save your project often.

Your answers to the ‘How many acres…’ questions will be compared to acreages I determined while writing this exam. Your answers will be graded as follows:

  • Within +/- 2 acres: 8 points (+/- 2 acres is generous…  imagine if you under estimated the area of valuable timber by 2 acres, or if you based your bid on an over estimate of…)
  • Within +/- 4 acres: 6 points
  • Within +/- 5 acres: 4 points
  • Within +/- 6 acres: 3 points
  • Everything else:    1 point

Answers build on previous analyses. If at any point you are concerned about your data, I will provide you the GIS layer I generated for that question at the following points-off-your-total-grade rates:

  • Question 1: 20 points
  • Question 2: 20 points
  • Question 3: 35 points

All you must do to receive this assistance is give me a slip of paper with your name, email, and the problem number for which you are requesting assistance. You may not request assistance before the question has been released.

I’ll release the first question at 12:05, the second at 12:30, the third at 12:45, the fourth at 1pm, and the last at 1:15pm.

This is an open note exam. You may not receive assistance during this exam from another student within Warnell or UGA. You may not aid another student during this exam.