Digitizing the OCARP property



You’ve received a request from a client, The Cattle Company of North Florida, to update an old map of their OCARP Site #1 property (Figure 1). The site is 1,121 acres and consists of clearcut, hardwood, and slash pine sites.

Create a map that matches Figure 2 and upload it to our ELC  Lab 5 assignment dropbox.  I will step you through the process.  Include a text box on the map with the clearcut, hardwood, and slash acreages.  You do not need to include the BOUNDARY layer present in the Figure 2 map.


  1. Figure out where the site is located.  There are hints.
  2. Download the correct 2017 NRCS orthophoto from the NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway
  3. Figure out what coordinate system you are working in (look at the NRCS orthophoto you download)
  4. Create your shapefile or FGDB, add fields (mytype, myacres)
  5. Start editing; Delineate the property boundary
  6. Cut the property boundary into pieces
  7. Attribute the polygons; Update geometry
  8. Export map

Figure 1. OCARP Site #1 2013 map.

Figure 2. Updated OCARP 2017 map.