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Weather Info, See:

Weather notes…  These are topics that will appear on the Remote Pilot Certificate exam…

3.4  weather briefings

  • 1800 wx brief
  • 3 types of weather briefings
    • Standard – complete
    • Abbreviated
    • Outlook
    • “What are the characteristics of Stable Air?”

– Stratus clouds are the thin, low-laying clouds; not much vertical structure


  • What are characteristics of Unstable Air?

– Clouds are building due to the updrafts; afternoon thunder storm


  • Important to make informed in-field decisions regarding weather/wind

  • Obstructions on the ground affect the flow of wind, may create rapidly changing wind gusts, and can be an unseen danger
  • Operating in an open field, wind blowing against surrounding trees can create significant low-level turbulence
  • High winds may make it difficult to maintain a geographical position in flight and may consume more battery power


3.7: Fog forms with close temp and dew point 

Four types

Radiation fog:sun bakes ground; prefers no wind

Advection fog:  warm moist air flows cool area (golden gate bridge); requires a little bit of wind

Upslope fog: moist air flows up a slope

Precipitation Induced Fog:   parking lot heats, then rains and steam/fog occurs

FAA Definitions

High clouds (cirrus or clouds with extensive towers)

Middle clouds (to 23,000 feet altocumulus, alto stratus)/

Low clouds (6500’ and below – stratus clouds- flat thin, stable air; cumulus fluffy clouds)

Standing lenticular cloud: almond-shaped cloud – nasty weather

‘Nimbus’ = rain


BR-baby rain (mist)


Remarks; RMK RAB35 – rain begin 35min past hour

FG- fog

R04/2200 -runway 4 2200 visibility

Temp drops below freezing, moisture is deposited as frost

Frost disrupts flow of air over wing; lowers lift and increases drag

Ceiling: lowest broken or overcast layer

Few not ceiling

Scattered not ceiling

Broken ceiling

Overcast ceiling

Runways magnetic north (degrees on compas)

If you read it it is true (METAR), if you hear it is is magnetic (flight briefer is true)

3.9 Flight Service and NOTAMs

NOTAM- UAS Operation Brief

Only fill out if you have a waiver that requires it


When will clouds or fog form: when water vapor condenses (temp and dew point are close)