Sectionals – Operations near an airport

Operations near an airport

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Scenario:  You present a scenario in which there are two adjacent properties owned by different persons. One has a state-permitted private-use heliport which is used 40 times per month. The other property is a vacant lot where construction has begun on a permitted building. Both properties are in Class G airspace to 700 feet above ground level (AGL). Under your scenario, on the latter parcel with a building under construction, an FAA-certificated remote pilot operates a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) in accordance with Part 107 to obtain imagery of the construction process. You state that at all times, the remote pilot operates the sUAS over that parcel at or below 200 feet AGL. Prior to conducting sUAS operations, the remote pilot contacts the heliport owner to advise of the operation, but the owner “denies” the request to operate.  Does the heliport owner have the right to deny flight operations?

14 CFR 107 – Subpart B

14 CFR 107.43

14 CFR 107.37

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