13 – Part 107 Sectionals – More Symbols

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Airport Terms:

Uncontrolled airport: airport with no control tower

CTAF: “Common Traffic Advisory Frequency”; the VHF frequency used for air-to-air communications

AWOS: “Automated Weather Observing System”; an airport weather system that provides continuous, real time information and reports on airport weather conditions.


  • Airport name – DUNN
  • AWOS frequency – 119.725
  • Altitude of the airport – 30 feet
  • “*L” – means the airport is lighted and the * indicates that the lighting operations are limited
  • Length of the longest runway in 100s of feet – 2900 feet
  • CTAF – 123.0

Terrain Markings:


Each quadrant is marked with the maximum elevation plus 100 feet.