FANR 3800 – Week 03 Objectives

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

FANR 3800 – Week 3

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FANR3800 – Fall 2022 ESRI Lesson Plan

NOTE: The weekly ESRI.COM/TRAINING modules provide information relevant to the topics we review during lecture and hands-on practice using ArcPro to address the topics we talk about in class. It is my expectation that you complete these each week.

Week 03 Objectives are to:

  1. understand that the two spatial data models we cover in this course are vector and raster
  2. realize that vector data are points, lines, and polygons and to be able to explain their differences
  3. be able to describe the unique characteristics of raster data and to
  4. describe when one might use vector and/or raster in a mapping project
  5. begin to understand what querying data means and how to submit attribute queries and spatial queries (select by location)


  • Querying Data Using ArcGIS Pro

Lab deliverable (due Sunday by midnight)

  • Querying Data Using ArcGIS Pro completion certificate (50%)
  • Week 03 Hydrilla lab document (50%)