FANR5640/7640: Airspace (First Introduction)

Part 107 Topics: Sectional Charts & Airspace




Sectional Charts:

  • Digital downloads:
  • are meant to only show a section of a flight region
  • emphasize landmarks and features that would be used by manned aircraft for navigation
    • include tall man-made structures, natural landmarks, roads, rivers, power lines, and railroad tracks
  • depict airspace, airports, and reference points for manned aircraft
  • remote pilot should use these to understand the environment around their operation and avoid other avaition activity


These are man-made structures like radio and other communication towers and windmills

Full list of symbols (FAA VFR Symbols)




3DR Airspace tutorial:

RemotePilot101 Airspace:

Ground School USA Airspace:

UAS Pilot Tutorial Airspace: