FORS 7690 How-To Notebook (Part I)

I might either add topics or move a topic to Part II if we don’t cover it before the document is due.  I will announce any changes during class.

These are the topics I would like you to document in your notebook.  You can format the instructions as a Word document, video, flow chart, YouTube channel, or any other way you feel is best for you.  My only requirement is that you make it easy for me to find each entry, easy for me to navigate, and easy to grade.  Also, answer these in your OWN words – please don’t copy/paste from my lecture materials.

  • Discussion of verbal and representative fraction scales (what they are, how to interpret, how to convert between the two, etc)
  • The proper formatting of an external table (xlsx, csv, txt, etc) for import into ArcMap
  • How to join an external table to a feature data set in ArcMap
  • How to create a map layout with title, scale bar, scale text, north arrow, source text, etc)
  • How to create a new file geodatabase (include adding fields)
  • How to create a new shapefile (include adding fields)
  • How you would go about digitizing the Whitehall forest (assume I give you the 2013 aerial photo) (ie. The steps for digitizing)
  • Request data from NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway, Download and unzip requested data, load requested data into ArcGIS (
  • Document how to summarize a field by summing the acreage.
  • Differentiate between the ArcGIS commands Define Projection and Project (when to use them and how they differ)
  • What to do when your layers ‘just don’t line up’ or when you ‘load a layer, hit zoom to layer and everything disappears’.
  • Document the meaning of properly defining a layer’s projection (project define, or any time you have a chance to set the CS)
  • Document three two methods of changing a layer’s projection (reproject or change the data frame CS and save the layer as a new layer using the data frame CS.
  • Detailed instructions on how to georeference an image..