NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway – NAIP Download

Download NAIP orthophotos

  1. NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway (
  2. Follow the “Direct NAIP Download” link (right-hand side of the page under the ‘I Want To’ heading)
  3. Follow the “National Ag. Imagery Program County Mosaic” link to expose the NRCS NAIP repository (top link on the page)
  4. The NAIP imagery is now stored in a Year/State/County structure. The most recent Georgia imagery was acquired in 2019
    • The file naming convention is …_<State Abbreviation><County FIPS>_<Year>_…zip
      • Example:  
    • List of County FIPS codes (HERE)
  5. Example for Georgia
    • Drill down to YEAR > STATE >
      • “ga_c”: color-infrared orthophotos
      • “ga_n”: natural color orthophotos
    • Oconee county, GA FIPS code is 219, so
      • Oconee county natural color ortho: ga_n >
      • Oconee county color-infrared ortho: ga_c >
  6. Copy the download to your working directory. 
  7. These files are compressed, so you need to uncompress them to your working directory before you load them to your project.