FANR5640/7640: Lab 11 – Ground Control Software / Agisoft Photoscan Demo

Mission planning for vertical surfaces

Ground Control Software

I will give a short demonstration of four common (DJI-based) ground control software: DJI GO 4, GS ProMap Pilot, and Pix4Dcapture.  For the most part, flight planning with these software is completed on site, in the field.


Agisoft Photoscan

I have been following the workflow described in the USGS’ “Unmanned Aircraft Systems Data Post-Processing Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry” document to process imagery captured with the Warnell drones.

The general processing outline is as follows:

  • load photos (aka cameras)
  • align photos (build sparse point cloud)
  • optimize alignment
  • error reduction
  • build dense point cloud
  • build dem
  • build orthomosaic
  • export dem/ortho/las


No deliverable for this lab.