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Sectionals: Special Use Areas (prohibited, restricted, warning military operation, alert) SOURCES: http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-143.html http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-144.html http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-145.html http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-146.html http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-147.html and https://thinkaviation.net/prohibited-areas/ (www.skyvector.com)… NOTE: Pan/Zoom to your flight area (in this example, the Florida panhandle), then click the link in the upper-right to load the region’s sectional (see screenshots below). Click the “World VFR” […]

Sectionals – Special Use Areas