Lab 9 Data Link (clp_tls.laz).  This is a large dataset, have patience!!!  The “LAZ” file is a common point cloud file format storage type.  You read a LAZ the same way you read a LAS – you process it using the same approach. You will start with a […]

Lab09 – Terrestrial Lidar Analysis in R

Operations near an airport Aguilar – Forza Business Strategies, Inc. Scenario:  You present a scenario in which there are two adjacent properties owned by different persons. One has a state-permitted private-use heliport which is used 40 times per month. The other property is a vacant lot where construction has begun […]

Sectionals – Operations near an airport

Lab08 Data Download Lab 08: Coarse woody debris volume remaining after harvest [Excerpt from Brian Davis’ 2017 thesis,”REFINEMENT OF A DRONE-BASED METHOD FOR ESTIMATING COARSE WOODY DEBRIS AND BIOMASS RESIDUE FOLLOWING FOREST HARVEST”] "… Pine forests of the southern US are a major source of woody debris residues used for […]

Lab08 – Coarse Woody Debris (volume of residual wood after ...

Sectionals: Special Use Areas (prohibited, restricted, warning military operation, alert) SOURCES: and (… NOTE: Pan/Zoom to your flight area (in this example, the Florida panhandle), then click the link in the upper-right to load the region’s sectional (see screenshots below). Click the “World VFR” […]

Sectionals – Special Use Areas

  Monday, you had an opportunity to process a drone-based point cloud using R and the lidR and the rgdal packages.  You should have familiarized yourself with the following commands and at least have an idea of what they do: plot() summary() lasfilterdecimate(): lasground(): lasnormalize(): lasfilter(): grid_metrics(): grid_canopy(): […]

Processing point cloud in R – Follow-up

    Lab 07:  Process point cloud in R!!! In this lab, you will use the R programming language to process a point cloud.  As in previous labs, the goal is to automatically count trees across the landscape.  These methods are relevant even if you are not interested in tree-counting.  […]

Processing point cloud in R

Sources of airspace information Sectional Charts Download ( Airspace (Ch 3 of the Aeronautical Information Manual, AIM) ( Pay attention to the airspace class definitions (3-2-3 thru 3-2-6). Excellent sectionals document by the Cessna Chick ( You must know: Class definitions Vertical limits Operational restrictions Class B ‘Bravo’ Class C […]

Sectionals – working list…

Monday, you stepped through a simple analysis in ArcMap.  You created a normalized surface model (I called it the DZM in the lab document) by differencing the surface model (DSM) and the terrain model (DTM).  The resulting raster layer contains cells whose values are 0 or near-zero.  These cells represent […]

SeGrowers Data Processing in R – Demo

Pixels To Points Help In this lab, you will be processing drone data acquired on February 07, 2020 at the terraced section of the UGA Botanical Garden.  The photos were captured with the DJI Phantom 4 Professional using the DJI Ground Station software running on an iPAD mini; the drone […]

FANR5640/7640 – Global Mapper Pixels to Points

    The Basic Physics of Drones   Now, the effects of loading and weight on aircraft (sUAS) performance Flying an aircraft overweight is detrimental to its performance It is critical to adhere to the weight and balance limits specified by the manufacturer of your aircraft  (you will see this document […]

sUAS Loading & Performance