FORS 7690

WSFNR FORS 7690, Fall 2016

    Click HERE to access the lab data repository!!! You can click HERE too       Nothing will happen If you click here. Download from the data repository and set up your project workspace on the E:\ drive (even though the lab document or screen shots may reference […]

Lab 1. Soft introduction to ArcMap

I have installed FlashBack Express (FBE) on the GIS lab machines.  If you do not already have a favorite screen recording software, I suggest using it.  Operation is simple: Stage your ArcMap project or task Open a Notepad document and type your name, the date, and your task number.  Make sure this […]

flashback express

    As I documented in the course syllabus, your quiz 5 exam is comprised of two tasks.  The first part is to video-document the 38 common ArcGIS tasks listed below.  (The second part will be administered during the course’s scheduled final exam period – See Syllabus).  Please use the GIS […]

ArcGIS Video Task List

How-To Collect Data with SoloForest and the Flint GPS Units Information in this document is modified from pdf documents put together by Johnny Thompson, LandMark Systems Flint Basics This unit uses a windows operating system and a stylus to navigate Turn the unit on with the on/off button Refresh (turn […]

Solo Forest GPS

Kinematic Analysis of a Rock Slope at Strecno Castle (Slovakia) Based on the Processing of the Point Cloud Generated by UAV Photogrammetry     An investigation of image processing techniques for substrate classification based on dominant grain size using RGB images from UAV   SPECIAL ISSUE: Imaging and […]

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An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) includes the 1) aircraft or airframe, 2) its payload, and 3) the ground control system/station. Table 1 contains a short overview of the aircraft we recently purchased for use here at Warnell. They range from a small DJI Spark that is suitable for practicing flying […]

Lecture 11: Warnell UAV Fleet

Common vegetation indices Green Index: Float (Green Layer) / Float (Red + Green + blue) Normalized Difference Vegetation Index “NDVI”: Float( NIR – Red) / Float( NIR + Red) NDVI requires information from the near-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum Requires a special sensor like the MicaSense RedEdge-M (below) that […]

Lecture 9: Supervised Classification in ArcMap