First test: Monday September 10 – all information through coordinate systems Make sure to review last Wednesday’s ‘Defining the measurement surface, GCS, & PCS’ lecture and make sure you read the pages in Bolstad I listed at the top of last Wednesday’s lecture. If you are still confused, […]

5. More Coordinate Systems

  Lab 2 Review… First step is to prepare your input data for analysis. Your inputs are: landcover: polygon shapefile in NAD_1927_Hotine_Oblique_Mercator_Azimuth_Natural_Origin coordinate system (projected coordinate system) owl_nest_locs.csv: tabular file containing latitude/longitude coordinates (geographic coordinate system) of nest locations Before you proceed, you must ensure all of your inputs are cast in […]

Lab 2 Review

    SHORT VERSION… QPublic parcel to ArcMap… Find parcel on QPublic site Search by Owner Name, parcel number, or road name After a successful parcel query, click the Map link at the top of the page to show the map view.  It should look something like this: Download the […]

QPublic to ArcMap

Output paths Screen shots below show my project’s working directory: …/OcNF_Data/ . The directory contains: Five shapefiles, one raster, and one DBF table, and One file geodatabase, OcNF_Data.ddb that holds 5 (vector) feature classes, one raster, and one table ArcMap Catalog listing: Windows File Explorer listing: Where should you save […]

Week 2. Lab 1 follow-up

I have installed FlashBack Express (FBE) on the GIS lab machines.  If you do not already have a favorite screen recording software, I suggest using it.  Operation is simple: Stage your ArcMap project or task Open a Notepad document and type your name, the date, and your task number.  Make sure this […]

flashback express

I will provide a FlipGrid link for each assignment.  The password is fanr3800. Assignment 1 – Student introductions:  I would like you to create a short video where you introduce yourself to the class.  The video should include your name, major and/or emphasis, why you decided to enroll in Warnell, and […]

Video Assignments

      Mapping Surfaces: (Bolstad, Ch. 2, 29 – 39) Spatial Referencing Systems (Bolstad, Ch. 3, 85 – 146) NOAA Digital Coast: Understanding Map Projections, Datums, and Coordinate Systems (https://coast.noaa.gov/data/digitalcoast/elearning/datums/player.html) – you must enable the Flash player Recall that: points are represented by an X&Y coordinate lines are represented […]

Defining the measurement surface, GCS & PCS

    As I documented in the course syllabus, your quiz 5 exam is comprised of two tasks.  The first part is to video-document the 38 common ArcGIS tasks listed below.  (The second part will be administered during the course’s scheduled final exam period – See Syllabus).  Please use the GIS […]

ArcGIS Video Task List

Spatial Analysis for Natural Resources Syllabus – Fall 2018 Instructor: Dr. Tripp Lowe (lowe@uga.edu) Office: WSFNR 4-514 (542-1074) Office Hours: Teaching Assistants: Karuna Paudel Office: Warnell Email:  karunapaudel@uga.edu Office Hours: TBA Tabby Phillips Office: Warnell Email:  orcaluvr@uga.edu Office Hours: TBA Meeting Times: Class: Building 1 Room 304, MW 8:00 – 8:50am […]

FANR 3800 – Spatial Analysis for Natural Resources (Fall 2018)