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Georeferencing practice (Oconee Forest Park) OCFP SAMPLE DATA Set up your ArcMap project Load your georeferenced source image (NAIP2015_Source.jpg) Ensure your data frame coordinate system matches the NAIP (UTM17/NAD83/Zone17N…) Load your ungeoreferenced target image this layer is not georeferenced, you will not see it when it loads Save the project to your workspace Locate possible ground […]

Week 6 Lab: Rubber sheeting w/ the georeferencing toolbar

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NOAA BULLETIN – SUMMARY OF WATCHES AND WARNINGS IN EFFECT: A Storm Surge Watch is in effect for… * Edisto Beach South Carolina to the North Carolina-Virginia border * Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds, including the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers A Hurricane Watch is in effect for… * Edisto Beach South Carolina […]

Hurricane Florence

    Data  Download the lab 5 data HERE. Copy the zipped file over to your E:\ drive and unzip it. The attribute table of the CoverType shapefile contains information about the forest vegetation and management history within each stand. This layer uses the projected coordinate system UTM/NAD83/Zone17N. We will […]

Lab 5. RCW Site Assessment

      Base your answers on the ‘Lab4_Data‘. Attribute table information: baac: basal area per acre (ft2) cuft: cubic foot volume per acre (ft3) age2018: December 31, 2018 age   Produce a histogram of ages for the combined ‘evergreen forest’, ‘deciduous forest’, and ‘mixed forest’ stands.  Use 5-year age classes […]

Lab 4 Questions

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    Attribute Query How many acres of evergreen forest do we have: (query evergreen forest, summarize acre field) How many acres do we have that are older than 25? (query stands older than 25, summarize) How many acres of evergreen do we have that are older than 35? (query […]

Attribute & Spatial Queries

Create new shapefile (from ArcMap) Windows pull-down > Catalog In the Catalog navigate to your working directory right-click on your working directory > New > Shapefile You now have an empty shapefile loaded in the table of contents Add needed fields to your Attribute Table Open the new layer’s attribute […]

Digitizing (Shapefile) – Part I
    First test: Monday September 10 – all information through coordinate systems Make sure to review last Wednesday’s ‘Defining the measurement surface, GCS, & PCS’ lecture and make sure you read the pages in Bolstad I listed at the top of last Wednesday’s lecture. If you are still confused, […]

5. More Coordinate Systems